You might consider travelling further afield for Cancer treatment. In this post I’m going to share some advice on making the trip a lot easier.

Plan ahead

Look before you leave just to make sure you’ve got everything ready. Who’s going to travel with you? what accommodation are you sleeping in? do you have pets or kids you need to look after?  Working out these details before you go will keep things much much less stressful.

Travelling can make things very uneasy, especially when you’re going through this already. You’ll just be wanting the comforts of your own home. Many organizations will offer financial help to ease the burden of travel and accommodation costs. However proper planning will help cut down your expenses.

If you’re going to be travelling for treatment or perhaps another medical opinion you should phone ahead and see if they can recommend any advice. It will be useful to find out how long you’ll need to be away for example. If you’re going to continue to work you’ll need to know travel dates in advance to inform your boss so you can get time off.


Prep for your appointment

Before you go you should have a conversation with your home-based healthcare team. You should ask about any travel restrictions too and make sure you take all your prescriptions! You don’t want to run out while travelling.

Make sure you’ve got all your paperwork in order too! when you’re going to a new doctor making sure you’ve got all your medical paperwork is vital to ensure everything goes to plan. This is so the new office knows your complete medical history which would include scans or lab tests that you might of had done previously. Your new doctor might request this before your arrival but either way its good to have a copy spare!.

It might also be useful to have a mobile application to help keep track of your medical history and questions. There are multiple apps out there.

Make a home away from home

You need to try make your new space as homely as possible. Personalizing your new space really helps, so bring some things that are familiar to you such as photos, a sentimental blanket or your favourite comfortable clothes. Video calling, email or texting will make things slightly easier too.

Cancer care is difficult enough, never mind travelling for it!  Being away from your friends/family and your usual routine will make things much more difficult. If possible try and get a friend or family member to come with you, having someone there with you can offer you the encouragement that you need. You’ll need as much support as you can get right now.

There are many different clinics you can travel to around the UK such as:

  1. The Christie Hospital
  2. The Loc
  3. The Royal Marsden

I’ve organized loads of trips to London for business and for clients and colleagues too. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is that first-time travelers to London can find the place really daunting. London can be hard to navigated around and getting to grips with the culture and work style can be quite hard.


The thing about Londoners is our quirky little habits that you need to get used to. Even the most seasoned traveller might find it slightly confusing. British people like to get to know their colleagues so don’t find it odd if you find yourself sitting in the pub at 5.30pm drinking a dark fruits cider sandwiched between the head of marketing and the kid on his apprenticeship. You’ll find it us brits to be extremely accommodating and we want to get to know the real you over a few pints so don’t be afraid to take a trip down to the local.


The weather over here isn’t the best but I wouldn’t say its the worst either. We often chat about the weather so its a good talking point. This is our way of small talk! try not get drenched in the rain either. The last thing you want to get is soaked between meetings so try ensure you’ve got your day well planned out with this kept in mind. That goes for assistants too, ensure your boss has a brolly etc!

If you’re bringing your partner here to enjoy the fun in the business holiday, there are loads of activities to keep said partner busy! London has plenty of places to shop in – the favourite is oxford street. Check out Fraser Suites if you’re needing some ideas on where to stay or what to do.

I always recommend visitors to check out the underground transport system. The tube isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be, yes it might be a tad confusing but I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out. If you’re a bit worried about messing up though, be sure to give yourself extra time between meetings. There are also taxis but remember these can take almost 10 times as long due to the heavy congestion in London. Don’t make eye contact with anyone on the tube, don’t talk to anyone on the tube and lastly don’t expect there to be any personal space at all. These rules weren’t really designed by anyone, they’re not official but they are followed.

London is an amazing so enjoy yourself!

In this article, we at Get Away Travels are will be giving the ultimate guide to Edinburgh. Our writers are not only some of the most experience travel writers in the UK, but also have spent time living in the Scottish capital, so you know for sure that you can rely on us to provide you with all information about staying in Edinburgh.

How to travel

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Getting around in Edinburgh couldn’t be easier, with options of trams and buses; the whole city is connected and easy to travel around. To be perfectly honest, if you are going to attractions in the city centre, it’s recommended that you travel on foot if you are able, as everything is in close proximity and situated around 10 minutes’ walk from Edinburgh Castle.


Where to stay

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Depending on your situation, there are many options for accommodation when it comes to Edinburgh. We would suggest if you are staying in a large group to stay in a low budget hotel, as it’s a great way to meet new people, look for places such as St. Christopher’s, but if you are looking for something a little bit more special for couples and families, make sure to check out serviced accommodation Edinburgh Frasers Hospitality, it’s also perfect for business type visits to the city.


Things to do in Edinburgh

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When it comes to finding activities in Edinburgh, it’s a pretty easy to find both cultural and exciting activities for both solo and group trips to the city. To give you an idea of the great attractions you can visit here’s a list of the staff of Get Away Travels favourite things to do whilst in Edinburgh:


• Edinburgh Castle
• Royal Botanic Gardens
• Arthurs Seat
• The Royal Mile
• Camera Obscura
• Holyrood Palace
• Prince Street Gardens
• Scottish National Gallery
• Edinburgh Zoo
Make sure when you are organising your next or first trip to Edinburgh that you cross a few of these attractions off of your list.


Is it expensive?

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Much like other European cities, Edinburgh can be expensive if you stay and buy things in the centre of the city, although, if you are a little strategic about your expending, you’ll be able to easily make savings. Avoid corner shops and shop directly from Tesco’s, which are located all over the city. Use sites such as Groupon, where there is many discount codes released everyday for restaurants all over the city.


Is the nightlife good

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Edinburgh is one of the best locations in the UK for a diverse nightlife scene. Clubbers will enjoy venues such as Sneaky Peaks, Cabaret Voltere, Liquid Rooms, and the Mash House. But if you are looking for a more authentic traditional Scottish night out, there is many cosy pub settings located all over the Royal Mile such as Albanach and the Royal Mile Tavern.

Have any questions to ask our team about going on a trip to Edinburgh? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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