Traveling to London for business

I’ve organized loads of trips to London for business and for clients and colleagues too. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is that first-time travelers to London can find the place really daunting. London can be hard to navigated around and getting to grips with the culture and work style can be quite hard.


The thing about Londoners is our quirky little habits that you need to get used to. Even the most seasoned traveller might find it slightly confusing. British people like to get to know their colleagues so don’t find it odd if you find yourself sitting in the pub at 5.30pm drinking a dark fruits cider sandwiched between the head of marketing and the kid on his apprenticeship. You’ll find it us brits to be extremely accommodating and we want to get to know the real you over a few pints so don’t be afraid to take a trip down to the local.


The weather over here isn’t the best but I wouldn’t say its the worst either. We often chat about the weather so its a good talking point. This is our way of small talk! try not get drenched in the rain either. The last thing you want to get is soaked between meetings so try ensure you’ve got your day well planned out with this kept in mind. That goes for assistants too, ensure your boss has a brolly etc!

If you’re bringing your partner here to enjoy the fun in the business holiday, there are loads of activities to keep said partner busy! London has plenty of places to shop in – the favourite is oxford street. Check out Fraser Suites if you’re needing some ideas on where to stay or what to do.

I always recommend visitors to check out the underground transport system. The tube isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be, yes it might be a tad confusing but I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out. If you’re a bit worried about messing up though, be sure to give yourself extra time between meetings. There are also taxis but remember these can take almost 10 times as long due to the heavy congestion in London. Don’t make eye contact with anyone on the tube, don’t talk to anyone on the tube and lastly don’t expect there to be any personal space at all. These rules weren’t really designed by anyone, they’re not official but they are followed.

London is an amazing so enjoy yourself!

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