Travelling for Cancer care

You might consider travelling further afield for Cancer treatment. In this post I’m going to share some advice on making the trip a lot easier.

Plan ahead

Look before you leave just to make sure you’ve got everything ready. Who’s going to travel with you? what accommodation are you sleeping in? do you have pets or kids you need to look after?  Working out these details before you go will keep things much much less stressful.

Travelling can make things very uneasy, especially when you’re going through this already. You’ll just be wanting the comforts of your own home. Many organizations will offer financial help to ease the burden of travel and accommodation costs. However proper planning will help cut down your expenses.

If you’re going to be travelling for treatment or perhaps another medical opinion you should phone ahead and see if they can recommend any advice. It will be useful to find out how long you’ll need to be away for example. If you’re going to continue to work you’ll need to know travel dates in advance to inform your boss so you can get time off.


Prep for your appointment

Before you go you should have a conversation with your home-based healthcare team. You should ask about any travel restrictions too and make sure you take all your prescriptions! You don’t want to run out while travelling.

Make sure you’ve got all your paperwork in order too! when you’re going to a new doctor making sure you’ve got all your medical paperwork is vital to ensure everything goes to plan. This is so the new office knows your complete medical history which would include scans or lab tests that you might of had done previously. Your new doctor might request this before your arrival but either way its good to have a copy spare!.

It might also be useful to have a mobile application to help keep track of your medical history and questions. There are multiple apps out there.

Make a home away from home

You need to try make your new space as homely as possible. Personalizing your new space really helps, so bring some things that are familiar to you such as photos, a sentimental blanket or your favourite comfortable clothes. Video calling, email or texting will make things slightly easier too.

Cancer care is difficult enough, never mind travelling for it!  Being away from your friends/family and your usual routine will make things much more difficult. If possible try and get a friend or family member to come with you, having someone there with you can offer you the encouragement that you need. You’ll need as much support as you can get right now.

There are many different clinics you can travel to around the UK such as:

  1. The Christie Hospital
  2. The Loc
  3. The Royal Marsden

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